Katie the Pest

photo by adam fedderly 2004

There is a list of local bands that I've been following for the last two or three years that for one reason or another I've never made it to a show of theirs. Included in this group was the bands starcrasher (now Pretty in Stereo), popbandAlice, and this one Katie the Pest.

Katie the Pest is actually two girls, neither named Katie. After a lull in activity, in the last couple months they have started to play random shows and self-released the album This Giant Will Kill You. This last week I've been just really digging the new songs, especially "Sober", but that's just me.

From their bio:
    Melancholy vocal harmonies inspired by Phil Spector and Brian Wilson color the songs with shades of light, dark and everything in between. Talia Rose's loudloud distorted guitar, fuzzy and slightly dissonant, inspired by My Bloody Valentine, Sebadoh, and Jesus and Mary Chain provide a cloud of confusion. Mary's insanely danceable drum beats hold it all together, control the chaos; the beating of a heart caught up in the very first kiss.
Its very lo-fi indie, but you might like it.

Katie the Pest @ myspace listen/download

Katie the Pest main site - more pictures


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