Halloween plans?

Okay I'm taking a lot of this information from this post, where Al Lutz offers more details and additional Halloween related events.

Do you remember how the focus of Halloween was about trick or treating? Grab bags of candy, apples, carmel corn, with the cheap ass old folks who gave us a nickel. With the crazy inflation and gas shortages of the late 70s, that nickel was worth probably less then it is today.

Then it happen.

Razor blades and paper clips hidden in chocolate bars, some poor kids are hurt, and trick or treating nearly killed, last seen in the artificial world of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.

For better or worse Halloween has transformed from a neighborhood event into large over-priced theme mazes at your local amusement park. I read somewhere in terms of dollars spent it comes only behind Christmas which means in five years you're a scmuck for not giving your co-worker a card.

<---- Wow, how attitudes have changed about a lot things, huh?


There are plenty of themed events, such as Knotts Scary Farm, to waste your money in exchange for some cheap thrills. You have to do those once. They're fun if you have the money and patience to stand in line for five or ten minutes of scares and have to do at least once if your lifetime. My friend Cortney and I went through the vampire maze twice just to dance to the pounding techno music. One corner had a little empty stage box for one of the roaming creatures to perch upon, so we jumped up there and dance above the line for ten minutes. Ah the things a younger girlfriend will inspire you to do.

Something of a local tradition is ending after 32 years in Studio City.

The Hallow Haunting Grounds will become to an end this year as the family is getting a little old for the effort.

I've never seen it, but looks like it is the most elaborate Halloween front yard show ever conceived and it's free.

10/27- 10/31 only.

Halloween Night:

If I'm not home passing out candy to the nine people who bother walking around my neighborhood, I want to be completley drunk at the West Hollywood Costume Carnival. Nothing like a full blown street fair with multiple stages of live music, DJs, and tons of people taking up one mile of Santa Monica blvd and (optional) booze.

Last year we danced for hours in the pouring rain with strangers, harrassed by guys in sailor outfits. Parking does not existso wear comfortable shoes, eat beforehand, and bring your own booze!

Visit w. hollwood site
City of w. hollywood info page

There is even a pet costume contest on 10.30


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    Ahem... younger and incredibly good looking girlfriend.

  2. Of course. It was implied and you would've picked that up if you had been reading very carefully - while sniffing glue. ;)


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