I'm all about free tonight.

Did you know:

If you sign up at Red Robin you'll get a free hamburger for your birthday, though its more of buy one, get one free deal. Then again you're not going to be eating there by yourself I hope.

After stuffing my myself with the Royal Red Robin Burger™ (yeah thats right: Fat juicy hamburger + cheese + bacon + a friggin' fried egg) I'll be rolling my fat self to catch a free screening of Stay.

All I know is that was directed by Marc Forster (Monster Ball, Finding Neverland), a bit tripy according to early reviews, and has obi whats his face, I mean Ewan McGregor and Noami Watts and its free.

Oh at Zen Sushi tonight Tara's band The Makeout Bandits are playing.

Click here for flyer discount since it not free. Whats up with that?

Sorry if this sounds too much like an ad for Red Robin - I was looking at my drafts and there is ton of stuff I need to finish that have nothing to do with food or movies.


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