Then and now

Did a quick little drive to help my friend with her new Z22 palm pilot thingy which was wasn't hot synching correctly with her ancient laptop.

The palm software was confusing her new device to the cooler one she lost recently on the USC shuttle, that and it really isn't suppose to work with anything pre-winXP, but it does now thanks to years of fixing my own stupid cumputer mistakes.

Later ate dinner and talked about how much has changed this year with us individually, with new friends and such over yummy ciabatta burgers at Jack in the Box. I had the bacon cheese, she had the bruschetta chicken ciabatta; we shared our food and drinks as always and talked for two hours. Good times watching the homeless couple chat with the employees and watching a weird 12 yr. old kid dressed in a soccer uniform happily hide behind planters and tables from his dad.

Eventually made it home thinking my old tires were slowing me through the misty daze of outside and of in my mind, the 30 miles stretching on forever. Checking my mailbox I found it empty of the junk mail that reaffirms my daily existence, so a little bummed, I stumbled back inside to bed, not bothering with pajamas.


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