gotta go, things to do

Leave work (worry about timing)
Stuff food inside mouth (yum)
Drive to Hollywood against traffic (hmm)
Find Parking in Hollywood (yikes)
Meet-up with friend without the use of cellphones (it can be done)
Watch movie premiere (it can't be that bad)
Eat more food (worry about health)
Make way to the Echo for Kiss or Kill
(worry about the burnt out headlight I noticed this morning)
Thank people for being super sweet (ahh)
Try not to make a fool out of myself (yeah right)
Stare at people in a good way (easy)


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    i was at kiss or kill almost all night. i didn't see you. i think you are lying.

  2. I'm surprised anyone noticed that I wasn't there.

    Everything was running late for me last night.

  3. Wow, that sounded very eeyore-ish of me.

    Who are you? who who - I wonder.
    Speaking of which I saw Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown) of CSI last night.

  4. Anonymous10:57 AM

    shut up bob. you know who this is.

    i was there, you weren't.



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