Domino survived

One of the perks of living in/near Los Angeles is the ample movie screenings you can attend for free. I like free movies, popcorn, sodas, and the Chinese so with a tons of time to waste, these events are usually enjoyable.

You're going to do a lot of waiting outside and sometimes they let you in within an hour; Tuesday night was not one of those nights.

During the 2.5 hour wait, our line was entertained by the one and Blu-Blocker Sunglass rapper guy, making jams up on the fly while rolling his change bucket down the line. What a way to survive and become a recognizable persona in this town.

Eventually we could hear the stars been introduced on the red carpet, seeing only the reflection of camera flashes in the windows underneath the Cinegrille sign. Finally we were let inside without any security checks, grabbing the free popcorn and soda before making our way to the front rows. Pleased that we were 10 rows back in the center section we settled in as my fellow nobodies craned their necks back to see any celebrities. I didn't - okay I did once and saw what his name from CSI.

What about the movie?

It was alright and unless you have a nice set up at home, the cool sound design and visual effects will come off as just annoying.

As for the storyline, it is made very clear that it was based on a true story with "Sort of" added on to help you enjoy the film. The movie had an amazing sound design to which could be loss in seen at home. I have a feeling real parts of her life seem just as far-fetched as the artificial moments for the script.

You never know what is real in this movie. There was an underlying Natural Born Killers theme, without the blunt brutality, with the fake world of 90210 intersecting as a never escaping your roots (aka the real world). When that part is destroyed the movie jumps into hyper reality with a literal explosion, a drug "trip", Tom Waits as a preacher, then the Stratosphere climax. Throw in a little redemption, re-birth, and renewal of life in the end.

Oh I don't know what I'm talking about - these are just my impressions.

Additionally Keira Knightley is too young to come off completely genuine; Mickey Rourke and the other guy were very, very cool.

Tony Scott's style is as griping and fast paced as always and you should expect modern uses of narration playbacks and visual titles. Nothing groundbreaking, but nice to see in mainstream fare.

I'll agree with Corey that it was hard to care for the characters through out the whole film. You go a few sequences liking them, then distracted by other stuff, then liking them again.

Domino is like a driving a Porsche with lumpy tires on the Las Vegas strip. A slick, bumpy, and artificial reality.

For a normal movie review, read this one in Empire UK.

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