A show so funny, it hurts.

I wish I could kick some people into watching Arrested Development, especially if you are part of the Neilson rating system.

Maybe the only show which can make me fall off the couch laughing (the Charlie Brown episode) or have me watch with my hand covering my mouth, trying not to laugh hysterically like a mad man.

Brilliant television.

Update: Found a great Arrested Development fansite: the-op.com


  1. I loved last night's episode especially Tobias being an analyst/therapist and Gob giving himself a roofy to forget the moment he and Steve Holt just shared. It is such a good show.

  2. Oh I fogot about the roofies !!...I was drugged up on cold medicine..and the music every time those came out...the whole we're nice now, made the whole family so much more creepy.

    Season 2 is out soon!


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