This morning I read about a new exhibit at MOCA called ECSTASY - In and About Altered States while lurking through the hip little livejournal no wait, but listen.

This exhibit looks pretty cool as all the artwork is inspired by actual or imagined drug use by the artists. Carsten Höller made this cool upside down room with giant mushrooms.

My little experimental stage of trying soft drugs ended way back in 1993, so I leave you with this advice: Don't use drugs folks... but if you already are and haven't tried mushrooms, I highly recommend it at least once in a safe environment. Objects like lampshades start to melt and drip in front of you and that was hella cool.

Maybe I shouldn't write stuff like that.

Tonight: Kiss or Kill is at Zen Sushi just like old times:

Star No Star 9:30, Bobot Adrenaline 10:10, The Waking Hours 10:50, Silver Needle 11:30, The Kill Devils Featuring members of Motorcycle Boy, the Cramps, Dr. Know, and Texas Terri 12:10


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