Lauren Hoffman

I should've posted this earlier!

Tonight Lauren Hoffman has her only LA show at Genghis Cohen.

Her bio is an interesting read in itsself, with her path crossing the likes of Jeff Buckley, David Lowery, Dave Matthews, a major record deal with Virgin, her own label, touring on Lilith Fair with most of this in her pre and early twenties. Now on her own, her new album is set for an European release and you can buy an advance copy on her site/myspace/ at the show tonight.

"Hoffman is the real thing"
- new yorker

"Ms. Hoffman makes moody and sexy pop songs."
- ben ratliff, the new york times

Lauren Hoffman @ Genghis Cohen
I hear they serve yummy NY style egg rolls
740 N. Fairfax, Los Angeles

Lauren Hoffman @ myspace
Lauren Hoffman main site


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