Tonight there is a free Dollyrots and New MaximumDonkey show at Mr. T's Bowl.

The Dollyrots are playing a quick show before taking off on a Canadian/Us tour with labelmates the Groovie Ghoulies.

Oh Kelly-rot is sooo cute.

New Maximum Donkey not only rocks and play catchy songs, the lead singer Benny has to be one of the funniest people ever. His banter and the whole band are just silly.

Which reminds me for Saturday Tonight, right this second as I type this, The Randies will be at Spaceland with Cheap Chick. Benny and Tim from NMD have been filling in for departed members Megan and Kelly so it would be cool to see how that is working out. Missed the Randies last night at Molly Malones, so doesn't look I'll be able to catch them until 11.02.

Wish I could go but looking forward to my non-free weekend and seeing Wallace & Gromit.


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