Kiss or Kill Missed Connection?

I'm wondering who this is, and/or if this was a joke
His name can be found here

Kiss or kill? - 30

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Date: 2005-10-05, 9:24AM PDT

I was doin the jurk..and had to much to drink you were cute and we smoked cigs and talk till they shut us down..You said to meet you at some bar in hollywod but I was to drunk to remember...If you not her maybe we can fake it..yeah its the new real..

This is in or around spaceland

And this was the reply:

RE: Kiss or Kill (definitely kill) kill - 24

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Date: 2005-10-05, 10:13AM PDT

The bar was Boardners and you were VERY drunk if you thing we hit it off.
You smelled bad too.

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