Wow, I have a ton of things piled up on my desk to finish today so I'm just going to quickly recap my weekend.

Headed out to Brea to catch Wallace and Gromit, one of the few movies I will pay full price for. It has been getting some great reviews, except for that that Roper dude who gave it a thumbs down thinking it might be a little too British for some. Even if it is, injecting a little Britain could only help the general population since 30% of Americans (18-24) cannot even find the Pacific Ocean on a map. If only Monty Python movies and episodes of EastEnders were required viewing in public schools, then maybe we wouldn't suck as much.

So that was pretty much Saturday, with Sunday being all raining and stuff - kind of boring. Managed to change out my headlight and during a break in the rain washed my car and I don't care is you think it was pointless, you didn't see it look more brown than black. Had a strange experience at Target later that night, when I rushed to get there before it closed. Needed to buy some cat food for the spoiled cats, I debated in the aisle to buy the same old stuff or try this new brand called something something, I don't remember. As most of you haven't shopped with me before, you've never seen me talk to myself when I debate simple decisions, doing the whole scratching the side of head and all..

"Would they like this? Would they even notice I switch food on them? Argh what is wrong with me??"

"Having trouble deciding?" she asked.

I glanced over to my right shifting my weight onto my left foot, my personal bubble space popped with this question. The cutest girl, mid twenties I would guess, just witnessed me at my most visible looniness.

"I have lots of trouble doing most things" spoken with a sly smile and she laughed at my stupid response

“It’s nice to see that you like your cats enough to want the best for them.” I could care less about my cats at this second. “Your girlfriend must be pretty lucky if you treat her that well.”

“Yeah I used to have one those, now it’s just me and the cats.” Wow she was getting quick to the point

“Oh that’s good, I'm mean that’s not too bad is it?”

I smiled and wondered what the hell I was doing, "No, life has been pretty good to me lately." Where the hell were these words coming from?

We made our introductions and continued chatting on our way up to the check out area. A bit cute with our matching cat food choices in our arms, chit chatting about our cats, joking about the downhill slide into crazy cat people-ness, and watching television alone on a Saturday night. I mentioned watching season one of Arrested Development again over the last few days, she said she missed some of it, and where did I get the balls to ask over last night? But I did and she did and we did watch a couple episodes before making out.

“Well, this weekend is definitely ending on a high note"

“This is a bit weird, huh? Yet strangely not.”

“I know. That’s strange in itself.”

I pushed her hair up and behind her ears as she slowly moved up my neck with kisses from her soft lips or was I just melting into the cushions? I'm not sure. Pulling me off the couch she led me down my own hallway, bumping into the walls whenever I pull her back to kiss her neck.

In the darkness our hands ran wild, repeating a memory that had yet to be created; our movements followed each other touching all the right areas. I slid my hands up her back, underneath her black blouse to unfasten her bra...


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