I know I had fun

Tuesday night was Halloween dress up night, but hardly anyone bothered. There were a lot of newish or less common faces in the crowd, which is great, and I'm wondering if the location of either Zen sushi and/or Silverlake (vs. Echo Park) had anything to do with this. Another possibility is all the Myspace attention the Waking Hour received from listed as Featured Band for a couple weeks. Hmm I wonder how much it would cost to put a KorK ad on myspace.

Stood in the back while Bobot played and a then a little closer for the Waking Hours, who dressed up in drag. They didn't end with the LL Cool cover this time, but still managed to destroy their setup, and injuring the drummer pretty badly. He looked like was still in pain out in the patio afterwards so I hope it’s not a broken rib or anything.

Saw only a bit of Silver Needle before heading back out to talk and stuff with people. Nice little chat with Andrea, who I find cooler each time I speak to her. Just a laid back, sweet person.

As for the costumes, LR dressed up as a Make Out Bandit, keeping to that theme for the most part. Well I saw a lot more kissing and giggling than making out. I saw a lot of giggling actually.

Ashley, JP, Emma and Tara of the Makeout Bandits, all dressed up as Pu$$y Cow, with disturbing results.

I showed up as a barely functioning 33 yr old. It was hot.

More blogs about kiss or kill.

Oh, on an off chance this makes any sense, steaks sound good during the week.


  1. I hate it when i'm the only one to dress up.

  2. Anonymous3:45 PM

    "It was hot."

    too much to handle, my friend


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