yes indeed

So many things, so many things I don't write about here, like the few seconds someone rubbed their fingers against my arm, grabbing a hand to pull towards a dark corner only to move less than a foot, or a glance across the room looking for an explanation.

I went to Stater Bors. Supermarket twice today to handle a little business where the cashiers stare and watch you, thoughts of "Oh he's one of those people" and yes I am and I wish I wasn't.

I'm out of pepsi right now at eight four eight so lets go to Albertsons when I done writing this.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be in West Hollywood drunk with friends and strangers or maybe I'll be home avoiding the knocking on the door. Just because I'm sitting on my couch which faces out towards the large front window, doesn't entitle you to candy kid.

Screw it, I'm going to open that lone beer sitting in my refrigerator to feel a little less lonely and then slip into my Ex's clothes again.

For Halloween people, um, for when I go to West drag.

Oh nevermind.


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