I'm still waiting

Over the weekend I celebrated my birthday like that kid from Mask.


Alone until I was invited over for a late night of wine and conversation underneath the 6th Street Bridge with Ashley, her sister Brie, and a tuna plus brown rice mixed with sunflower seeds, placed on top of lettuce-eating Tara. It indeed looked as gross as it sounded.

I had a lot fun for a mellow night and even made good friends with the front door at one point.

The next day I opted for not showering for a day and a half, spending way too much time online, scrubbing the f--out of my kitchen and shower in a “No wire hangers” kind of way, the whole time waiting for my surprise party to start.

A big whoop whoop (yeah that's right, whoop whoop) to my friends for keeping it such a great secret even when I joined them with Midway Kevin and Jason Pancake at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park for some miniature golf. For them to wait until Monday to surprise me is very sneaky.

I did amazingly well for some of the advanced obstacle avoiding shots but not so much for the sixth hole. Still trying to forget upon missing my fifth shot how I fell to the ground into the fetal position yelling, "Stupid hole! Stupid hole!"

Just imagine how my ex felt when I use to do that after sex, except this was far more embarrassing.


  1. Anonymous12:06 PM

    HA! (to a couple of things in there) you're fun... I'm really glad to have started talking to you.

    and luckily that fetal position thing was the only shot of yours that I saw I think

    lucky me, to have witnessed such an intimate moment for you



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