Enough posting for one day

This is the lame recap that was originally two pages longs - I'm tired so just highlights and random thoughts.

Saturday night:

The industrial area Ashley lives in was a lot easier to find than I thought it would be, completely devoid of life save for a bunch of young hipsters kids not at first visible in the parking lot. Guess they were trying to sneak into the party, defeated by the two guys watching the gate. I assumed they were just two guys chatting as I ducked inbetween them before they could ask me anything.

Very cool party all and all, with pleanty of room to walk around, hangout inside and drink, which I did plenty of. As for the bands, I enjoyed the new Get Set Go line up, Pu$$y Cow's extended set with new stuff like Taco Chariot was played. Tara and Emma’s band were simply damn good.

Lots of people I didn't know (I really don't know that many people) and lots of nice folks that I didn't really talk to. Celeste was super sweet and slipped me the new UCP album - I'm still very touched by this gesture. It is a little weird to listen to a album and already know almost every song on it, but it also rocks to sing along to the correct words now. All this time I thought one song was called Charlie Brown when its actually titled Charlotte Brown. Oops.

Finally left around 4.45 AM and woke up very hung over. Sunday was totally shot.

After being sick for almost three weeks, one night of too much fun results in too much posting for one day. I had a burst of writing today huh?.

Normal posting routine for the rest of the week I imagine.


  1. Anonymous9:29 AM

    The guys at the gate.. I think one was the birthday boy... he told me he had to kick out some homeless kids... but he gave them a beer first, cause he's such a sweetheart...

    I thought they were hipsters too, there was like a gaggle of them... but the fellas said they were street urchins... I'm totally lying, he didn't describe them as that at all... but I wish he had, I like the word urchin... he did say that they said they lived up by first under some bridge... course I live under some bridge... but supposedly they were well dressed homeless kids



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