have fun without me

The Makeout Bandits (1st at 9 pm-ish)
The Rainman Suite
(best thing/worst thing: they sound like green day)
Underwater City People (me love ucp long time)
(we all know I love every single cell in each member's body. yes every cell.)
Pu$$y Cow (I think I like them a lot)


Booze, Costumes, & Free at Mr T's Bowl (I like free)


  1. Anonymous3:32 PM

    My spaceworm was supposed to be in technicolor!

    It got desaturated the fuck out of in the move eh?
    oh well, I liked it better looking all like Gilligan's island style insain-o colors...

    though I guess the type being that bright too makes it not so dramatic... I should have taken the words down a notch maybe.

    sorry you won't be there
    I got nothin' for another costume idea though

    maybe I'll just put on makeup
    and go as "a girl who wears makeup"
    oh but I've got my favorite badass jacket
    not a costume, but it rocks
    it's on the ridiculous side
    in a rocking sort of way
    and I practically never wear it

  2. Anonymous12:35 PM

    don't worry. we did


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