My new-ish friend sent me this message yesterday:

Is there anything you have to say about why you seem to keep very good track of what you eat in your blog? I was curious about that.

I never realized I documented my eating habits here on a regular basis, but looking back there does appear to be quite a few mentions of food. The number of times I reference eating bacon cheeseburgers alone is astounding, but I know eat better than that.

I can only blame my mom for this.

Fast food was a luxury for us three kids growing up, so whenever I want treat myself I choose to cuddle up with a hamburger.

Hamburgers will always love you for who you are.
Hamburgers don't judge and only want to be wanted too.

During my last break up I didn't turn to Jack Daniels for comfort, I turned to Jack in the Box. When I told this girl that I liked her, her outburst of laughter sent me running into the arms of Wendy's. This support group is consistently there for me, on nearly every corner, some open 24/7 to accommodate my needs or sheer laziness.

I will never forget them for this.

Did I only eat hard scrambled eggs with an English muffin yesterday?

Yeah, I ate the fuck out of them.*

* phrase stolen from Dan Tobin


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    you're cute

  2. Your supposed to look to Southern Comfort for comfort. It's pretty self-implied with COMFORT in the name and all. Get with the damn program but yes you can chase your SoCo w/ a bacon cheeseburger.

  3. Anonymous3:51 PM

    "Your supposed to look to Southern Comfort for comfort."

    uck... the one say six hour portion of my life that I don't remember even though I was conscious, and apparently doing things I'm glad I don't remember... was caused by Southern Comfort... I don't find it so warm and inviting anymore.

    and to Mr. Dean...
    You're welcome stud.


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