Get Set Go

I feel like I need to make up for the super uber low fi-ness of Katie the Pest with the most amazing power pop band ever: Get Set Go

This post is for the strangers that read this as my friends already know how cool this band is.

This band (actually Mike TV) offers some of the catchiest, poppy rock songs with some twisted lyrics and is easily one of my favorite albums to listen to.

Go visit the myspace page to listen to some songs and read a great review that captures what I'm incapable of explaining.

Lately they have been using some songs for Grey's Anatomy and the song Wait is on the new soundtrack album.

The people at Grey's Anatomy used our song Wait on their second episode entitled, The First Cut is the Deepest. They're also planning on using the songs Kiss the Girl and Break Your Heart, from the first record entitled So You've Ruined Your Life, and the song Sleep from the upcoming second record.

If you go to the myspace page, he is offering the first album + t-shirt + shipping for only 10 bucks. The new 22 track advance album is only available at the shows for the moment - no idea how much, probably 10 bucks too.

Oct 18 8:00P
Kiss or Kill at the Echo! -- 18 and up!
Echo Park, CA
Oct 26 8:00P
Paris Theatre, Portland, Or -- ALL AGES!!! Portland, OR
Oct 27 8:00P
Yes Yes in Olympia, Wa! -- ALL AGES Olympia , WA
Oct 28 8:00P
The Loft -- ALL AGES Wilsonville, OR
Oct 29 8:00P
Santa Cruz - No Details Yet Santa Cruz, CA
Nov 1 7:30P
Avalon w/ Go Betty Go
+ New Maximum Donkey!!!
Hollywood, CA
Nov 12 8:00P
Santa Fe Express Cafe Fullerton, CA

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