Felt just like last time

Strange to walk into a room I haven't been in for a month.

Celeste was working the door when I paid and received a friendly big hug, and who wouldn’t want to be greeted like that? Better than walking into a Cheers setting where everyone knows your name, then talks smack behind your back. Lets be realistic, I don’t like everybody sometimes and the feeling is mutual I’d imagine, so give me a few honest friends over being fake loved by all.

The first person I see is DG standing by the column with a friend or a date or something. Thought she looked younger for some reason, even doubting it was her for a little while. Ah it was very much her. Next person to walk by was Honey Pot; made eye contact and then later a brief hello - all very much a non-issue and that’s okay with me.

Out for only two social occasions in the last four weeks, I’m forgetting that I need to engage people instead of hanging back along the walls observing strangers slip between blots of friends and couples towards the patio. Gave myself a beer and an hour to re-exist in real time last night and in no time I was doing the same snake through the crowd to chat with my friends. I was normal as I could be.

Its been almost two months since I’ve seen Lawra Randie and said my hello to her at the bar by pounding my cup down to startle her slightly. A long, big hug and she started to say she needed see/talk to someone but I cut her off with a smile and I will see you around later, okay? Oh okay she replied to me beating her to it. We don’t know or care enough about each other to have a conversation these days - this being okay with me too.

New Fidelity sounded better than I remembered and I like them quite a bit the first time I saw them with Midway.

Front Row for the Meltdown were a lot poppier than I thought they would be based off the mp3s I have, fitting perfectly with the line up for the night. I was sitting in the back for a lot of their set thinking that seeing a good band for the first time makes coming out always worthwhile.

The Waking Hours usually end with their amazing cover of Momma Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J, which seems to transforms their very good set to an amazing one. Guitars thrown into the ceiling panels, amps pushed over, and the singer eventually just threw his body back into the drum kit which fell apart upon impact, parts spread across the stage. Crazy. I also got hit by some ice and almost by the cup in came and Corey joked that I was going to get hit with the guitar next.

Get Set Go is always perfect, just a bit disappointed for the turn out, as people wimped out before they started their set late at midnight. I called it a night afterwards, but before the Letter Openers with flyers in my pocket of the jacket people made fun of. Whatever - people suck sometimes.

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  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    sometimes people make fun cause they love it :)

    (the thing or the person, not the making fun... though that's fun too)

  2. hmm, maybe.
    Before I left my house I had the "I really need to buy new clothes" and I hate what I'm wearing, oh well" thoughts going through my head.

    no big deal ;)

  3. Anonymous5:24 PM

    ha... I think that always... actually this year I got some new clothes... but I loathe shopping soooooo much that I go shopping MAYBE once a year... luckily I just kind of end up with stuff... cause I hate shopping... boy do I hate it...

    actually I'm fine for like 1/2 an hour, but it never goes that quickly and I get cabin fever in clothing stores

  4. Anonymous6:23 PM

    upon further reflection... I remember you said something about how maybe I shouldn't try so hard to be funny... or I forget what exactly it was 'cause I wasn't offended or anything, I just noticed and kind of smiled to myself about it

    but you TOTALLY told me to not try so hard

    and I didn't know I was even trying :)
    I thought I was just a lightweight

    so Mr. "people suck sometimes"

    just thought I'd remind you about that
    hope you're having an awesome birthday thus far


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