I know she knows

Walking back from the patio to the Red Room I saw DG chatting with so and so and made my way over to give her a hello hug. She was standing in the empty area where the DJ played and where I tried to ignore his so-so choices in so-so songs.

She said hi, hello, hey there, or something like that over the loud music, reaching out for the hug. As I pulled away from her I made some remark pointing out how I decided to say hi to her in person instead of just online hellos, making light of my shyness.

She laughingly asked, "What?" Not hearing a single word I said.

I smiled, rolled my eyes and mouthed a 'Don’t worry about it. It was nothing' as I continued off in my original direction.

A pointless, simple hello, yet there I was trying to ignore the memory of my hands around her waist for the rest of the night.


  1. Anonymous12:27 AM

    I've OFTEN been surprised how often the ones I think I'm disgustingly obvious about, sometimes have no freakin' idea... it kind of blows my mind every time it happens... but it just keeps happening.

    I don't know anything about your situation in specific... just thought I'd chime in with that... incase it applies.

  2. Maybe you act normal enough around them that they don't notice, but of course its very obvious to your friends. Sometimes "getting to know you" interest can be confused with " I like you" interest.

    Oh she knows either by someone telling her or herself viewing most of the older posts when there was a myspace version of this. I'm not sure what she thinks of it.

    I should clarify some things:

    This is an infatuation, as I don't know her very well. "She", this near perfect image of her, is a muse to me. She's not perfect of course. I'm not, who is?

    I stopped and pulled back, so I can just be myself around her, to worry about getting my own life together to where I want it to be and not be distracted. Tuesday night just reminded me that I still find her attractive, thats all.


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