Bridge party pics

The top corners have been chopped off in this picture, but as you can see it was underneath the bridge, with the bands playing between the concrete supports.

I didn't see any dead bodies dumped on the surrounding blocks, but if you had to, this would be a great place.

I'm fascinated by this bridge for some reason.

There were some cute girls there too. Mike Schnee from Pu$$y Cow with trishariffic (according to Ashley's page), Tara, and I have no idea who the last girl is.

A handful of photos which I didn't steal here on Ashley's page.


  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    "I'm fascinated by this bridge for some reason"
    the reason is cause it is amazing... I adore that bridge

    Trisha's friend of Tara and mine, we all went to highschool together in CT, my sister used to work with red head... I love that picture, everyone in it is amazing

    and for the record, top picture... corners not cropped out, it's 5 or 6 pictures put together, but I was too drunk... took these right when I walked in the gate after our chat outside the perimeter... I like doing the bunch of pictures put together to give you a wide angle that you can't get with then normal camera under normal conditions... BUT I always end up getting all the parts that interest me and forgetting to take the other pictures to fill in space... although partly I like just leaving chunks out too..


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