Using a microwave isn't hard.

You want to cook popcorn? There's a button just for that.

Want to warm something up in a minute? You can add 30 seconds at a time with two punches, or be anal with the exact 60 seconds. Rebel against the system and enter 100, just to test the appliance's intelligence.

The microwave is smart - It knows you want only a minute either route you take.

Meat, Fish, or Poultry? It's all there in easy to find categories. The Start button always starts the cooking as required. A light even comes on for your viewing pleasure - 30 seconds of spinning entertainment. The microwave cares about you.

It's so simple one would think. Imagine my confusion in the break room, everyday, seeing the timer with a remaining cook times from 35.32 to 67.17 minutes.

Everyday I wonder if my co-workers are that retarded.


  1. Anonymous10:57 AM

    35.62? how can you have 35 minutes and 62 seconds left on a microwave? wouldn't it then just be 36.02?

    come on now. Everyday I wonder if you are that retarded.

  2. Oops. typo fixed.

    I am that retarded.


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