Life is often broken up into scenes as if the world was a movie, complete with soundtrack. I imagine for most people certain songs bring back memories or feelings and this connection will always be after the scene plays out.

"This song reminds me of that time...," they'll say to themselves.

Often I have the urge to pause time to synch it with a song that has been making an impression on me lately. Unfortunately life refuses to heed itself for mere mortals and not until later upon replaying the song will I realize the lyrics don't quite fit anyhow, but the music might still.

This happens a lot.

Sunday 4 AM listening to the music of "Crooked Stars" within my head with a blurred drunken recall. I could've closed my eyes and stood there forever in the unchanged temperature of the night, the unchanged traffic patterns of the 101 becoming more than a low drone among the bridge pillars.

Tonight the unchanged me heard only music drifting between the empty streets and buildings. My first early morning Los Angeles moment, I told her.

It didn’t matter how stupid I was going to feel on the drive home from stating the obvious to the other, good empty parking lot conversations will always be long remembered.


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