My 11:30 appointment


Oh you're back? I hoped I wouldn't see your ugly face again.

Ah but you do, don't you?

Yeah sadly. Alright make it quick.

Mr. Bring You Down had stopped by, didn't he?

Yeah, of course he did. I've been sick for three weeks now - going home every night to eat left over chili, read some blogs, and sleep like shit will bring you down. The Nyquil just fucks me up too.

Are you feeling better yet?

I think I am.
He told me you were coming.
You're early.

Sorry about that.
Timing is not that important to me - I happen when I happen.

Well do me a favor and come back next week after it happens. Really, I just want to enjoy my weekend. It's October and it should be feeling like Rocktober before the holidays. You know how I hate everything from Thanksgiving through the first week on January.

Come on Robert, you know you don't.

I know. I know. If it wasn't for K+J...
I do a good job of hiding my dislike and try to relive the holidays through their eyes. It is fun that way. --- I just wanted this year to be different for myself --- I promised myself and look at this; you’re here.

You know why.

'Cause you're an asshole?

No, I can be an asshole. Not always an asshole. Big difference.

Yeah maybe. But you're right - I fucking hate it when you're right. Things change and secretly I don't like dealing with it.


I'm feeling rejected and I'm worried that this will be my theme until January. I have been looking forward at the possibilities and I wondering if I'm filling my self with shit again.

So you need another talk to Reality?

No no. It’s nothing like that. Like I said, I think I'm feeling better today.

Okay, I’ll talk to you later then – I have more people to disappoint at one o'clock.

Yeah, see you later.


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